Being a Rabbinic Council Member:

As a member of ARZA's Rabbinic Council, you receive and participate in deepening the place of Israel and Zionism in your rabbinate. 

A. Professional Development:
ARZA provides webinars and briefings that will range in a wide array of topics from politics to Torah/Text to culture and organizing – all coming from and having to do with Israel.  We will provide high level and unique content for rabbis with the goal of enhancing your own learning and providing you with a translatable and useful material.

B. Mentoring and Partnership:

ARZA creates opportunities for cross-generational rabbinical sharing so that newer colleagues and more experienced colleagues gain perspectives from one another. Israel tends to be approached somewhat differently by different generations and by those with more or less exposure to the political-security organizations supporting Israel and rallying rabbis to their cause. The relationships cultivated here will provide a nuanced and broad perspective on the state of Israel. 

C. Content:

ARZA requires a commitment to contributing to ARZA's “Iyyunim: Reflections on Judaism, Zionism and Israel” with an annual contribution of 1 ARZA/IMPJ/IRAC/Israel programmatic/educational material, sermon or article.

This commitment is in order to ensure exposure to ARZA’s materials and to one another's sources, encounters, texts, ideas, and thoughts.