Mah Zeh? What's This?

Israel 101: The Basics of Israeli Politics 

An Introduction to the Mah Zeh Infographic Series

At ARZA we believe the first step in creating a Pluralistic, Democratic, and Jewish State is to have informed constituents. Below you may find an ongoing series dedicated to catching you up on the basics of Israeli Government. 

All infographics are available in PDF. Contact us for more information on introducing these infographics to your classroom, synagogue, and community. 

  1. Israeli Knesset 101
  2. The Importance of the Coalition
  3. "The Government" - The coalition in power
  4. The Opposition Coalition
  5. Being Jewish in the Jewish State
  6. The Israeli Judicial System
  7. The Israeli Rabbinate's Monopoly


Israeli Knesset 101

The Importance of the Coalition

The Israeli "Government" Coalition

The "Opposition" Coalition

Being Jewish in the Jewish State

The Israeli Judicial System

The Rabbinate's Monopoly: From Cradle to Grave