Reform Zionism is a belief system which implores us to continue the work of building and reimagining what it means to have a Jewish and Democratic State in contemporary times.


Reform Zionism means that Ahavat Yisrael, love of Israel, is core to our Jewish identity. Our Zionism requires us to seek our beloved Israel's evolution as a modern Jewish and Democratic state and is expressed in the dynamic interaction of Am Yisrael (the People of Israel), Torat Yisrael (the Torah and its traditions as handed down to each generation) Elohei Yisrael (the Jewish People’s experience with the God of Israel) and Eretz Yisrael (the Land itself).


What We do & how we do it

What is Reform Zionism?

Making israel an Essential Part of Jewish Identity

Promoting Pluralistic and Progressive Values in Israel

Promoting Democracy, Respect, and Equality

We advocate for Israel: as it should be and must become. The Jewish Homeland must be a society reflective of both democratic values and religious pluralism. We work for the acceptance and respect of the Reform Movement as a legitimate stream of Judaism by the Israeli Government. We collectively voice our yearning for the completion of the Zionist dream: a modern State of Israel that is inclusive, moral, and a home for all of us. Addressing issues of civil marriage, acceptance of non-Orthodox conversion, gender equality, and racial justice is imperative---this cannot wait.


Zionism should not be divisive. And no one faction should be allowed to dictate ownership and definition of that “Z word”.  


So ARZA is “TAKING BACK THE Z”: unapologetic love for Israel, the land, the people and the State, is at the core of our beliefs. Modern Zionism encompasses our values of democracy, pluralism, and equality. That love of Israel demands honesty and a commitment to the continuation of building a morally exceptional society.
This is not a new concept. But today’s challenges demand nuanced action and strong leadership. ARZA provides the vehicle, the voice, the Movement.

“We are all a part of a people, of a nation, and we all have a stake in Israel’s future.”


  Rabbi Josh Weinberg, President, ARZA


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Together we are stronger, together we are louder, and together we can make the difference. When you become a member of ARZA, you become a member of a vast network of like-minded, progressive Jewish voices, working in unison, to build a better Israel. 


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